List of Waterfalls in Palawan you can visit

Don’t let the weather damp your mood for adventure! The best waterfalls are one adventure away from Puerto Princesa City proper! Hop into your bikes or go take a bus and visit this cascades this rainy season! Just Click the name of the waterfall for the travel guide!

Tibag Falls

Ate Ems climbing the topmost section of the waterfall.

Kaldero Falls 


Lalatuan Falls 

Picture 7 (2)

Arutayan Falls 


Tagkuriring Falls 

tagkuriring falls2

Matnor Falls 

Picture 6

It’s time to chase the waterfalls, weekend warriors! Happy trails!

Need to van for your waterfalls adventure? email me at or message me on facebook messenger  at Sheena Karen Madarcos 🙂


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