Local Affordable Travels: Hike at Magarwak Eco-Park, Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City

Hey, there weekend warriors! We found a bike trail perfect for early morning hike for adventurous souls who long for silent weekends not far from the bustle of the Puerto Princesa City. Opposite the Mt. Magarwak – Smart Tower Trail, the (proposed) Magarwak Eco-Park is an easy one to two-hour trek that will bring you into the lush green forest in the middle of the undisturbed mountains where you can indulge into the soft touch of the cool morning breeze – exclusively.


How to get there

Located at the Kilometer 15 north of Puerto Princesa City just beyond the bridge near the PNP training center, the Proposed Magarak Eco Park can be easily reached via private vehicles, vans and buses from San Jose Terminal for 20.00 – 40.00 pesos.

The trail

Upon registration, take the rocky feeder road to the left. It takes 30 minutes to reach the summit marked with three different concrete shapes — you can wander around the path until you find these. Usually, the caretaker will advise you to return upon reaching this spot but you can continue traversing the bushy road to the right – this will take you into the endless view of the greens.


IMG_5907Walk through until you reach its end and take the bike trail – you’ll know it when you get there, this will take you deeper into the forest. You won’t get lost since you will be guided by occasional signage previously posted for bikers.



More or less five river crossing will be passed by along the way and just before the end of the trek, you’ll pass by the City ENRO Magarwak Nursery where wildlings (not the GOT wildlings from the other side of the wall — I swear) are collected and grown for future transplanting. The kind sirs from City ENRO said that there are sightings of the White-breasted Sea Eagle couple in the area. One of them even took us to the tower where we can see their huge nest and advised us to come early in our next visit to spot it!



Just the usual, wear comfortable walking outfits and bring water – and please do not leave liters along the trail.

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