Travel Cheap: Hike at Magarwak, Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City

This weekend, wander into the nearest hidden gem and probably the most affordable trekking destination in the city. Experience the soft breeze playing with your hair as it calms your breath while your eyes feast into the amazing view of Bacungan River winding down to meet the salt water from Honda Bay. Take a fresh air in the spectacular view of endless verdant forest after an easy hike up. Sweat and jump-start your weekend right – chase the sunrise at the Magarwak, Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City.


How to get there

Sitio Magarwak is located at Barangay Bacungan, 15 kilometers north of the city proper. Get there via vans and buses for 20.00 to 30.00 that leaves San Jose Terminal from 5:30 AM onwards. Get down at the Bantay Gubat Monitoring Station after the 15 km marker and take the feeder road to the right. From there, the trek will last for an hour to 30 minutes – depending upon how often you take the pictures along the way. If you have a private vehicle, navigate the feeder road until the intersection near the old glass house, turn left and…park, you’ll know it when you get there unless you’re the first one to arrive.

If you are new to the city, you can also hire a van here 🙂

Easy Trek

If you opted to begin the trek at the Bantay Gubat Monitoring Station, the ascent to the intersection via the feeder road will last for 15 to 20 minutes. Turn left after the uninhabited glass house and take the trail to the left. It is easy to navigate the trail to the communications tower, the highest peak of this mountain, without a guide since the path is already paved by trekkers and adventurous cyclists who brave this terrain. It will take an easy 30 to 45 minutes from the intersection to the tower along the ultramafic forest with small loose rocks. The view of the white healing cross perched between the trees, of the zigzagging vehicles going in and out of the city, the endless lush forest and the bay bathing in the early morning rays will greet you along the way.

Hydrate, relax upon reaching the tower, take more pictures but do not stop. 20 minutes of another trek will take you to a more rewarding view. Take the left side of the tower and walk along a narrower path to the kubo – you’ll know it when you get there. Continue right until you reached the rocky cliff and slowly, carefully thread it… until there’s nothing to step into. Enjoy the astonishing scene. Breath in, breath out. Shout if you want to, dream, be one with nature, appreciate the beauty of our island and embrace the silence.



The descent is faster because you can easily jog down the rocky terrain. The sun is piercing hot by 10 AM – that’s why it is advisable to begin this trek by 5: 30 AM. Bring a liter of water and light snacks… please do not leave the wrappers in the area. Wear shoes and light comfortable clothing. So far, there is no entrance fee and no known guides – but you can look for me on Facebook(Sheena Karen Madarcos) and message me if you want someone to accompany you – this place is worth a return hike, I would gladly go.

And hey! Thanks for my weekend travel buddies — Ate Jun, Ate Recca and Ate Ems 🙂 Until next adventure!





  1. HI Karen! I’m Kats Gonzalez and I really want to go on a hiking adventure in Palawan. I was looking for a tame mountain to conquer and this one is perfect! Thankful that I was able to stumble upon your blog post! You said that people can message you if they wanted someone who could go with them. 🙂 I’m staying Nov. 15-17, seems like the best time is Nov. 16 morning. Please do let me know. Thank you so much!!!


  2. […] This 300+ MaSL Mountain, located at Kilometer 15 north of Puerto Princesa City, is your best option if you have a very short time allocated for hiking in the city. Usually packed with locales during weekend, it is best to be hiked on weekdays to chase for sunrise and enjoy the view of the Honda Bay and the nearby mountains surrounding the city. This is also advisable for 45 minutes sunset trekking and overnight camping – 2 tents and several hammocks can fit the peak. More details here:… […]


  3. […] 如果在普林塞萨港您可用于徒步旅行的时间非常短,那么这座海拔高达300多米的Magarwak山则是您的最佳选择,该山位于普林塞萨港市以北15公里处。通常情况下,可以与当地人一起在周末徒步登山,追逐日出,探索Honda湾和这座城市附近的山脉。许多人会选择徒步旅行和露营相结合,45分钟徒步欣赏日落,并在山顶过夜也是一种不同的乐趣。只需要2个帐篷和几个吊床就足够了。更多细节可参阅…  […]


  4. […] Эта гора 300+ MaSL, расположенная в 15 километрах к северу от города Пуэрто-Принцеса. Если вы любитель горных прогулок, то Магарвак является лучшим вариантом, тем более если вы ограничены во времени. Местные жители тоже очень любят это место и проводят здесь свои выходные, поэтому лучше всего прогуляться по Магарвак в будние дни, чтобы прикоснуться к солнцу на рассвете и насладиться видом на Хонда Бэй и другие близлежайшие к городу горы. Также можем посоветовать дойти до вершины в вечернее время, чтобы поймать закат и остаться там на ночь: две палатки и несколько гамаков вполне уместяться на вершине горы. Если вас заинтересовала гора Магарвак, то читайте более подробную информацию здесь:… […]


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